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Road Safety

Safety Information

Both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists face many risks while traveling. If drivers and riders are unaware of these variables, the likelihood of an accident increases. Such variables could include: uneven pavement, unsealed patches, potholes, slick surfaces, inattentive vehicle operators and so on.

If you would like to report a hazardous road condition, such as a pothole needing repair, please visit Kentucky’s Traffic and Travel Information website. You can also report road conditions using your mobile phone by dialing 5-1-1.

Road Conditions

Some hazards for motorcyclists are the result of wear and the deterioration of the road surface. Others are created unintentionally by use of road treatments that do not take account of the special handling characteristics of a motorcycle. Roads with these features may be perfectly safe for most road users, but even at low speed can cause a loss of traction and a potential skid hazard for a motorcycle.

Road conditions that create hazards for motorcyclists include:

  • Bumps and depressions
  • Corrugated or rippled tar surface
  • Overhanging branches
  • Painted road marking
  • Parallel grooving
  • Pavement edge drop off
  • Raised pavement
  • Smooth steel plate covers
  • Steel deck joints
  • Timber bridge
  • Unsealed patches

Non-motorcyclists often fail to appreciate that sudden changes in the road surface need involve only a very small portion of an otherwise good road to be dangerous. A single pothole, patch of sand or water, oil or early morning dew on a painted road marking or tar-jointing compound can be sufficient to cause a skid.

Common hazards for motorcyclists are created by a sudden change in road surface caused by:

  • Potholes
  • Gravel or other loose material
  • Oil, grease, diesel, etc.
  • Repaired patches
  • Rubberized tar crack sealant
  • Water seepage or ponding

For more information regarding road safety, read our Share the Road Kentucky brochure.