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The American Motorcyclist Association
Focuses on rights, riding, and racing by sanctioning road and off-road riding activities and overseeing professional and amateur racing events.
Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
Provides information on rider training, licensing, and government relations.
State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMA)
Promotes state administered motorcycle safety programs and state concerns related to motorcycle safety.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
An organization that strives to save lives, prevent injuries, and red​uce economic costs due to road traffic crashes through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity.


Honda Motor Company
The official online site that allows consumers to research, build, purchase, and discuss Honda motorcycles and products.
American Suzuki Motor Corporation
Allows consumers to research bikes, locate dealers, pay off bills and choose from top of the line bikes for touring, off-road, racing, and children.
An Italian motorcycle company, owned by Piaggio as part of the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer, is known for its sports bikes and scooters.
BMW of North America, Inc.
BMW promises high quality products with innovative technology and a high level of reliability. Produces a wide range of bikes including Enduro, Urban Tour, Sport, and used bikes.
America’s premier designer of sport bikes; features Firebolt, Lightning, Ulysses, and Blast.
An Italian-based company known for its excellence in design and performance.
Dunlop Tire
A great resource for educating consumers about high quality tires; includes a tire information center, tire maintenance tips, and much more.
One of two remaining American mass-producers of motorcycles; emphasizes heavy bikes designed for cruising the highway.
An international corporation based in Japan. Manufactures products that offer balanced performance, high quality, reliability, and excellent fit and finish.
Austrian motorcycle manufacturer on the leading edge of technology; offers a series of models including Duke, Adventure, Supermoto, and off-road competition bikes.
Moto Guzzi
Established in 1921, the company currently specializes in transversely-mounted 90 degree V-twin engines and provides a variety of models and accessories.
A British bike company that produces models such as modern classics, urban sports, cruisers; bike accessories, clothing, etc.
Well known producer in the motorcycle industry provides a way for bike enthusiasts to research, build, and price motorcycle models from motocross and performance to supersports.

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