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​​The Governor’s Commission on Motorcycle Education and Safety is charged with creating programs that help improve the cli​mate for motorcycles and motorcyclists on Kentucky highways by creating and promoting safety training for motorcyclists and awareness programs for other drivers.

Kentucky has over 27,000 miles of beautiful scenic roads, and we must always be on the lookout for each other. Motorcycle riding is becoming more popular, and because of the increase in riders last year there were over 2,000 motorcycle accidents.

The commission's awareness campaigns focus on two simple guidelines:

Always Look Twice for Motorcycles
Motorists need to be especially alert at intersections and when making a left-hand turn. This is where most accidents occur, so be sure to look both ways for motorcycles.
Share the Road
Remember that motorcyclists are entitled to a full lane in order to maneuver and avoid road hazards. Give the motorcyclist respect by keeping a safe distance. Sharing the road will save lives.

The next time you see a motorcycle, take a few seconds to think of those simple rules and we can make our roads safer for everyone!