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Awareness Campaigns

Look Twice, Save a Life Kentucky

“Look Twice, Save A Life” is a motorcycle safety public awareness campaign that targets motorists and focuses on preventing and reducing the number of motorcycle accidents in the state of Kentucky. In​ 2002, the number of motorcycle registrations in the state was 60,803. That number has since grown by more than 50-percent to 94,242. Unfortunately, this increase in the number of motorcyclists has been accompanied by an increase in motorcycle-related accidents. In 2007 alone there were 2,094 motorcycle-related accidents.

A Letter From the Past Chairman

I am just one of Kentucky’s many motorcycle enthusiasts. Kentucky has over 27,000 miles of beautiful scenic roads, and cars and motorcycles alike must always be on the lookout for each other. Motorcycle riding is becoming more popular, and because of the increase in riders motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Due to this, our governor commissioned a Motorcycle Awareness campaign, “Look Twice, Save A Life.” I want to make sure motorists across our great state are looking twice for motorcyclists and saving lives during our prime riding seasons.

Did you know that there are over 94,000 motorcyclists on our roads? It’s a proven fact that motorists are used to looking for other cars, but not for motorcycles. Motorcycles are only a third of the size of cars, making them just plain harder to see. And on top of that, it’s difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed and distance accurately. If we can increase motorist recognition, then we can decrease the number of accidents. So the next time you see a motorcycle, take a few seconds to think about the following simple rules and we can make our roads safer for everyone!

Be Alert for Motorcycles
Actively look for motorcycles while you are driving. Heavy traffic or hidden intersections could reduce your ability to see a motorcycle. Remember they are much smaller than a car, so you must be aware of your surroundings constantly.
Anticipate Hazards for Motorcycles
Keep in mind the motorcyclist's point of view. Be prepared to react to poor road conditions, such as debris or oil slicks, railroad tracks or raised manhole covers.
Always Look Twice for Motorcycles
Motorists need to be especially alert at intersections and when making a left-hand turn. This is where most accidents occur, so be sure to look both ways for motorcycles.
Share the Road
Remember that motorcyclists are entitled to a full lane, in order to maneuver and avoid road hazards. Give the motorcyclist respect by keeping a safe distance. Sharing the road will save lives.

On behalf of the Commission for Motorcycle Safety, and all Kentucky motorcyclists, I want everyone to get in the habit of looking for motorcycles on our roadways. It’s not just a motorcycle you’re looking at, but a person. We are your neighbors, friends and family, so please, “Look Twice and Save A Life!”

Malcolm Winsper
Past Chairman, Governor’s Commission on Motorcycle Rider Education and Safety

Share the Road Kentucky

Share the Road Kentucky is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the motorcycle riding and non-riding public. This program was created to help reduce the number of accidents between motorcycles and all other automobiles by teaching motorists to understand and respect a motorcyclist's needs and rights on all of Kentucky’s roadways. Most accidents involving motorcycles are preventable and this program encourages ways to be proactive on our roadways.

Read our Share the Road brochure.